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Wearable Art

Make your statement.

Native American


Our selection of new and vintage pieces is constantly changing. Brought to us by traders, our southwestern jewelry collection comes to us from artisans in Arizona and New Mexico.

We proudly offer bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and much more. Our pieces feature genuine stones and quality silversmithing.



Reflect your personality with a range of locally-crafted pieces.

Whether it's refined or just a whole lotta bling you're looking for, our local jewelry artists have just the piece for you.

Know what's even better than beautiful new jewelry? Having a wearable work of art that's the only one like it anywhere.

Stories in the stone


Each piece of amber is thoroughly unique as it's really fossilized tree resin! It has been used throughout history to bring positive energy to the wearer and a theoretical rebirth into health.


Turquoise is said to be the most powerful in bringing good fortune to wearer. Found around the world,  turquoise is strongly believed to be a bringer of health, luck, and overall positivity. It's our hands-down favorite!


They say the strength of onyx lies in its power to give the wearer alignment and stabilization during troubled times. For those who believe, when you wear onyx, you will be calm during a storm.


A precious stone, opal is widely worn for its beauty. Historically, its powers are to aid the wearer's psychic vision and connection to spirituality. It's believed to give power to the mind and create a stabilized flow throughout the body.

Lapis Lazuil

This stone is incredibly spiritual. When worn, one experiences mental clarity and an increase is psychic communication to spiritual guides. It's believed to create a bridge from the spirit world, protecting the wearer in the physical world.


This is the gem of royals. Malachite represents a sense of increased protection, loyalty, and fidelity. This stone gives the wearer courage and sturdiness for their goals, duties, and focus.

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