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Stained Glass Supplies

We carry everything stained glass artists need!

Working Artists Gallery & Stained Glass Supplies carries:

  • glass

  • solder

  • lead came

  • grout

  • grinders

  • saws

  • bits

  • soldering irons

  • bevels

  • fids

  • pattern books

  • and so much more!

It's literally everything the established or beginning artist needs to create beautiful works of stained glass.

(We do often buy out retiring artists. If you have glass or tools to sell, call us today! 970-256-9952)

Stained Glass Classes

"I had no idea I would have this much fun!"

-Timi, stained glass student

They approach the table for different reasons... to learn a new skill, to achieve a lifelong dream, to find a new passion, to engage with other creatives, to brighten their world.

No matter waht drives them, our stained glass students always find more in our gallery than they came for. They build beautiful works of art, and create enduring bonds of friendship with their classmates and our staff.

Classes make a great gift!

We offer stained glass classes, both foild and lead, throughout the year to students 14 and older. Our instructors bring years of experience to the table and teach students not only the basics, but helpful tips and tricks to creating professional-looking works of stained glass when they set up their own studio.

Classes are offered on either Friday or Saturday and run four weeks from 1 - 4 p.m. Registration is $135 per student and a $60 deposit is due at time of sign-up. Fee includes all materials required to create a stained glass project. 

Students also recieve a lifetime 10% discount off all stained glass and stained glass supplies, including tools.

Register today, seats fill quickly!

Call 970-256-9952

Stained Glass Commissions

We'll make whatever your heart desires.

Right after sharing our stained glass knowledge with our students, creating custom pieces for customers is our favorite thing to do. No window or project is ever too big for our staff of experts. We can bring any idea to life, or start with your pattern.

Stained glass windows add value and interest to a house, are a great solution for art lovers who are out of wall space, and serve as beautiful privacy screens.

Prices vary, contact us today and bring the beautiful world of stained glass to your home.

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